Flying High

Okay, so it didn’t quite happen the way I planned.

I logged on with my DK Rokkthor. He was Human, so bonus to rep. Also, he had Pathfinder Part One on lock. All he had to do was get the rep for Part Two, and cue Aladdin’s “Whole New World” (don’t you dare close your eyes.) Easy enough.

So I did my Broken Shore dailies, collected my Broken Shore rep tokens from my Order Hall, and did some math. I was still a few thousand rep away. Darkmoon Faire was coming up, so that would be a nice 10% rep bonus. That would be a good week. But what about this week? I had a day off, so what was I going to do with it?

The OCD completionist in me looked at my quest log and cringed. I had what looked like Class quests to do. They’d been there so long I forgot what they were for. I had the time, so I decided to finish them up. Turns out there was some unseen benefits to finishing the quests. Things like another follower. And a boatload of flight-appropriate rep.

Suddenly, boom. Rokkthor was in the air. Just like that.

So that’s fun. Oh yeah, and in other news…


Thanks to Denxce (@angxeladenxce on Twitter) I got a ticket to Blizzcon 2017! BLIZZCON 2017!



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