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Gearing Alts in Patch 7.2


I don’t usually pay much attention to patch notes. Just put the content in the game, and I’ll play it if I can. If there’s changes, fine. I’ll deal. I’m a grown-ass man playing a video game. It’s fine.

However, I will admit that Patch 7.2 has had some pleasant surprises for this grown-ass man. It’s taken an expansion and turned it from being very alt-unfriendly to busting out some very forgiving catch-up mechanics for alts.

Captain Fun had just reached 110, and I’d been wondering how long it would take for him to be, well, not so far behind everybody else on my character roster. Luckily for me, Bellular had recently released a video that addressed that very issue. In fact, it’s this video right here!



It’s a great step by step process in setting an alt up for success in a Patch 7.2 world. For example –

Artifact Knowledge

  • Get the compendium from main that boosts alt to AK 20.
  • Do five quests that the AK guy will have for you @ 500 resources a pop, and voila AK 25!
  • Do not do any Artifact Power quests yet, tiger!
  • Now go ye forth and do the Broken Shore scenario. Follow the breadcrumb quests. Khadgar will have a quest to use a tome in three different locations. Continue on the quests until they send you back to your Order Hall. Hand in your quest and be rewarded with a tome that will bump you up to Artifact Knowledge 26 (100k% bonus to AP, as opposed to the 25k% at AP 25).

Gearing Up

  • Either pick up the crafted gear (which now starts off at an iLevel of 835 rather than 815)  or run some Normal/Heroic dungeons.
  • Run through the Broken Shore, kill rares & farm Sentinax and get some Dauntless tokens.
  • Khadgar will give you a quest for the new dungeon, Cathedral of Eternal Night, which rewards a nice relic.
  • World Quest gear scales from your current iLevel, and should reward gear at around 855-865.
  • World Quest Dungeons rewards 865 gear.
  • Nighthold LFR should fill in any slots that are lacking.


Artifact Power

  • Three Emissary caches and dungeons should be enough to get your Artifact weapon to Rank 35.


And did it work? Well, Captain Fun went from an iLevel of around 780, to running Heroic dungeons (iLevel 825 needed) with his Artifact weapon at Rank 34. Total run time, maybe four hours.

Well played, Blizz. Well played.

Legion Pre-Patch Tomorrow

I like to think that, despite there being 24 hours in a day, most folk only use the last minute to get things done.

Take me for example. I started switching out some of my garrison buildings and realized that, for the past year, I could have been doing things much better. Things are falling into place, just as the game board is about to get slapped off the table. The Legion pre-expansion patch goes live tomorrow, July 19th, and plenty of things will be a-changing. Check out Blizzard’s video where they briefly discuss what to look for tomorrow.


The garrison changes will be going live as well. This means:

  • Gold sources will be disappearing (Jewelcrafting Daily) or changing (gold follower missions will reward garrison resources).
  • Salvage Yard will no longer produce the transmog gear.
  • Follower weapon and armor tokens will sell for copper, rather than gold.
  • Trading Post items will increase in value 4x.


If you’ve got garrison business, I suggest you do it now and get the last bit of coin out of the garrison that you can before it all goes away. Oh, and yadda yadda class changes transmog etc etc.

Best Way To Gear Up in Patch 6.2.4


Shopped for so much new gear that my Willy was exhausted.


A little while ago I wrote a post  that outlined farming honor in Ashran, and how it was a great way to gear up. The video from that post was pulled down by the creator, and that was too bad. It was a good video.

Now about the title of this post. Judging from the first paragraph, you may be assuming that I’m going to say that the best way to gear up is through PVP. Well yes, kinda, and no.

Before you storm off, telling me that you suck at PVP and this post obviously doesn’t apply to you, just pump the brakes on that and give me a second to explain. Okay, maybe more than a second. I don’t know how fast you read. I’m not psychic. If I was, I’d be writing this from some tropical villa and not in my frosty hovel with the heat cranked, eating toasted praline peanuts damn the calories.

Where was I? Oh yeah, the gear. I said yes, kinda, and no as far as PVP goes. Here’s where I explain that stuff.

YES – you will be spending honor to purchase gear. With honor, you can get iLevel 700 gear. One purchase, and boom! You don’t need to grind apexis crystals for days, trying to get 20000 so you can upgrade to 695 and then have the valor to bump it up two ranks to 705. Granted, that is all very valid and in the end you end up with 705 rather than 700 gear. But this is the easiest way to get some amped gear.

KINDA – You need to farm honor in a PVP zone, specifically Ashran, for this to work. Also, there may be some armor pieces that don’t have the secondary stats you’re looking for. So in some cases, PVP gear might not be the way to go.

NO –  I didn’t kill any players, nor engaged them at all, to get any honor. In fact, I can’t really do anything in Ashran because my comp doesn’t process the mass groups of players sitting on top of each other throwing bombs. By the time I catch up, I go from standing in an empty space to dead.

I get my honor three ways: farming fragments from mobs, completing bonus objectives, and finding fragment treasures. I do one circuit around the outskirts of Ashran and can usually return to my base with about 100 fragments. That’s good for 300-400 honor. After a few laps I can buy a piece of gear.

Umren (brofist!) posted a video last summer that outlined some of this, as well as listing TomTom coordinates for the treasures and the route he takes.


I used both the route and the coordinates and let me tell you, this still works. I mix in apexis gear as well, depending on stats and how I’m feeling about farming. But I’ve used the honor gear to upgrade several pieces of timewalking gear, and in some cases, entire outfits.

This has its drawbacks though. Depending on your faction, it can take awhile to queue for Ashran. Sometimes the opposing side will run you over when you’re farming, and when you die you lose half the fragments you had on you at the time. It can be situational, but don’t let a fear of PVP keep you from this. Like I said, most of the honor I farmed came from doing simple PVE stuff in the PVP zone.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

Star Wars Transmog

Death Knight Jedi

Spellfire Longswords make great Lightsabers.


As you may have noticed in the past little while, I’ve been working on getting more of a Star Wars feel on some of my characters. Today, Bellular helped fuel my issues by releasing a video with some Star Wars inspired WoW Transmogs.

Check it out. Enjoy. Take notes. Start farming.


May The Force Transmog Be With You.

PVE Gear For PVP in 6.2.3

Fellas, it’s like the ladies tell ya – it’s all about making the most of what you have. Especially when it comes to what you’re packing. Equipment, your gear is what I’m talking about here, and not the kind that can be buffed with Extenze.

Clothes make the man, or Orc, Gnome, what have you. Much like in real life, I try to have one outfit that will work in multiple situations. In game, it’s called being practical. In RL, it’s called being lazy and/or style deficient.

Hypedown, the PVP Unholy (and occasional Frost) Death Knight wrecking machine, made a discovery recently that allows certain items of PVE gear to be used in PVP situations without it being scaled down. It’s crafted gear too, so with the right mix of professions and elbow grease it’s possible to outfit your character with goodies that will not only be amazing-balls in PVE, but you can jump into PVP and not have to worry about replacing those items.

The rings and necklace Hypedown discusses are primarily for Frost Death Knights, but you can find any of these items with the stats you need for whatever class you play. So peep the video, pick up some knowledge, and go get them upgrades!