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Easy Gold Making in Patch 7.2.5

New Profession - Gold Sinking!

Every good bank alt has a tuxedo shirt, yes?


Gun to my head, if I had to come up with a life philosophy it would probably be KISS – Keep It Simple, Stupid.

If you wanted to farm transmog for a couple of hours, grind out mats for a couple more, maybe craft some gear, you could potentially make plenty of gold per day if everything sold. But the folks who tend to make the big money are usually the ones who put in the big hours. Still, there’s no reason that someone playing casually can’t earn enough scratch to buy heirloom upgrades, or even pay for their subscription with gold.

I don’t want a bunch of expensive mounts or fancy transmogs. I don’t need a hundred thousand gold per day. I just need enough gold to buy at least one token a month to keep me subbed, or to pay for a race change/server transfer/etc. I also don’t want to spend hours doing the grinds. I want to progress my character, be it a main or an alt, rather than my bank account.

But I still want my bank account to get a little attention. Not a lot, just enough.

Sometimes we just don’t see the obvious staring at us in the face. Youtube phenom Soul showed me, via the power of the Youtubes, an easy way to earn gold while doing my regular day to day in-game chores.  


The beauty is in its simplicity.

  1. Save your gold.
  2. Get Boon of the Bloodhunter, using Bloods to buy mats from the Blood vendor (get the most valuable ones as listed on The Undermine Journal) .
  3. Get Bacon from World Quests.
  4. Assign Bodyguard with Gold Gear.
  5. Complete all gold missions.

Are there more optimal ways to earn gold? Sure, if you’re willing to put in the extra time. For me, in just under three weeks I’d earned enough gold to upgrade all my plate, chain, and leather heirlooms. I also bought a WoW token. I wasn’t doing anything different, I was just doing things a bit smarter.

Try it for yourself. Hopefully this helps put a little extra coin in your changepurse!



Earn Gold Fast in Patch 7.1.5

Whether you’re talking about profession mounts, recouping raiding losses, or buying a piece of cute transmog gear, the reality is that shit isn’t cheap in World of Warcraft.

There is zero shortage of ways to make gold in World of Warcraft. Put in the time, #DOWERK, and reap the rewards. Works in RL, works in game. But sometimes your schedule won’t allow for a one, two, five, ten hour grinding session for farming, or to knock out the profession quests that keep gold making potential locked away.

So here’s a couple of quick ways to put some scratch in your pocket that doesn’t involve a bunch of farming. You don’t even need professions. Hell, you don’t even need to leave Dalaran. Doesn’t get much easier than that, does it?

  • The Blood of Sargeras Flip – BoS is BoP (Bind on Pickup). Take your BoS, buy stacks of high priced mats from the BoS Vendor by the Blacksmith Shop in Dalaran, and sell them on the AH. Don’t have any Bloods? Advertise in Trade Chat or General Chat that you’re buying blood for 150-200g. Get person to buy multiple stacks of the most expensive item (herb, ore), and hand over the gold when they hand over the mats.
  •  Obliterum Flip – Obliterate things like the enchanting bindings “Binding of XXXX”, Legion Alchemy Stones, or Potions if they’re cheap enough (you’ll need about 164 of the Healing Pots to make one Obliterum). Naturally you should check prices before you start flipping, and buy the thing you’re obliterating for cheaper than the Obliterum is selling for.
  • Use Other People’s Professions –Advertise that you’re looking for someone to make the things you’re going to sell. Provide the raw gathering mats (ex Felslate and Leystone ore to make Demonsteel Bars), add a tip (100g?) and come out gold plus from the deal.

There you are. Three easy ways to make some fairly substantial gold. Leave a comment below if you have any quick gold tip, or if you use these ones and make a nice slice of gold.


Making Gold With a Boosted 100


Yesterday I saw this post over on the /r/WoWEconomy  section of Reddit. The title of the post was Token in 30 days 

Hey, Im started play wow i bought legion, and i have boost to 100 lvl. Can you tell how i can make money on token using only my 100lvl character (obviously i will exp too)?

My reply was this:

While you’re leveling, use gathering professions (skinning and herbalism is probably the easiest). Sell the mats. When you reach 110 and you have access to the Obliterum Forge, drop Herbalism and pick up Leatherworking. Use skins to make Legion leather gear, obliterate it, make Obliterum, sell.

Even if you just use Skinning, with a market value of 5g per Stonehide Leather (usually more for Stonescale), you’d have to sell about 18,000 skins to buy a token (with an estimated price of 90,000 gp). Most of the things you kill will either be skinnable or Herbalised (see most plant creatures in Val’sharah).  There’s places you can farm both skins and herbs, or you can just gather up the mats through regular leveling.

This is by no means the be all, end all. There are plenty of other tips now that I think of it. Maybe I’ll post more another time. If you have any tips you’d like to share, leave them in the comments below. DOWN DERE!


My Road to Gold

I have come to the point in the expansion that many of us arrive at when we hit the content like a starving person at an all-you-can-eat buffet.  I’m stuffed. Full. Pushing myself away from the table, and the mere sight of food makes me queasy.

Same with Legion. I’m at the point where Blizzard’s normal carrots really aren’t that appealing to me. I don’t have a Legendary, but then I don’t feel I need one. My iLevel is 852 on my main, which is good enough for the World Quests and Heroic Dungeons that I run. I raid in LFR, and most of that gear isn’t really an upgrade. I’ve levelled four characters to 110, which has now burned me out on running any more toons through the content unless I absolutely have to.

This morning, I got this.



Next stop – Flight… eventually?



So now, the final motivational grind has been achieved, or at least the first part of it. The pinnacle of the PVE, non-raiding content has been conquered. So… now what?

Well, I did what many of us do when we’re in this kind of situation.  I made shit up.

I decided to start a Demon Hunter on a new server, with no starting capital. I wanted to see how much gold I could make in a week. Levelling was not a major concern after getting his artifact weapon. Any XP gained was incidental, not intentional.

One of the main reasons I wanted to go with a DH was his mobility. When you’re running around killing things, the faster you can get around, the better. Also, by the time you finish running through your starting zone you’re level 100. Hit that current content, yo.

So after leaving the starting zone, getting his professions (Skinning and Herbalism), and picking up his artifact, I was ready to go. After setting up my grinding/farming route, I found that I could run in end-to-end in about 30 minutes. I selected spots that were either on (or very close to) flight paths to keep things moving quickly. I’d land, kill, loot, then mount up and continue on my way.

If I was fluent in Youtube, I’d make a video outlining the route. I’m passable with Paint Shop Pro, so I’ll make a map instead.


I won’t go into great detail since this might only help those with Herbalism and/or Skinning, but there are a few things here that help even if you don’t have those professions.

  • Azurewing Repost: Leyblood (In the cave, kill the fishy-looking mana worm things)
  • Starsong Refuge: Dreamleaf & Yseralline Seed (Herbalists, kill the plants and trees and Herb them), Mossgill Perch (Fish ’em up)
  • Snowblind Mesa: Highmountain Salmon (Fishing), Stormscale (Skinners skin the lizards)
  • Optional – Nesingwary: Plenty of animals there for skinning and meat. I tend not to go there simply because it’s a popular quest hub, which can mean waiting around for respawns. But it doesn’t hurt to stop there if you have the time.
  • The Witchwood: Savage Leather & Big Gamy Ribs (Kill the boars, skin and loot)
  • Shipwreck Cove: Foxflower (Herbalists), Black Barracuda (Fishing)

What makes this so valuable? Well, if you’ve got Herbalism you can pick up some very valuable herbs. If you have Skinning, you can grab plenty of animal skins on this route. If you have neither, looting things like Leyblood and Big Gamy Ribs can still be profitable as cooking mats that can be used to make valuable stat food. Same goes for fishing – stat foods, and not many people are doing it.

Does it work? It naturally depends on the server market, but I ran it for a week and managed to come away with about 23000 gold. Thirty minutes a day and I could make enough gold for a WoW Token a month.

Have you found a sweet farming spot you’d like to share? Let me know in the comments below if there’s a spot you like to use to make good.

Rokk out!


Tidbit Thursday

Happy Thors-day!

As I write this, I’m sick as a dog, and struggling to get through my night shift so I can sleep. Because dying.

News? Sure, let’s talk patch 7.1.5 as it hits the PTR. More importantly, how it might help with making gooooooold!

  • Looks like crafted gear is getting the Obliterum upgrade from 8 to 10. Take advantage now of the cheap mats that you can use to make these things, and be ready to sell them once the patch goes live.
  • Also getting a very cool upgrade is the WoW Token. Judging by the coding being introduced in the patch, we are going to be able to buy the tokens and deposit them in our account. That means you’ll be able to buy server transfers, race changes, and all that good stuff, with gold. To this I say both “Hooray” and “Damn it” because I can see myself using this to server transfer toons, and most likely leveling them up.

There were a couple other things, but I’m pretty sure that was part of a fever dream. Actually, that leads me to another tip. It’s not necessarily game related, but it bears mentioning:

  • Listen to your body. It will tell you when something’s wrong. I’m not saying to go to WebMD every time you have an ache (because nine times out of ten it’ll probably tell you you’re dying), but be mindful if you’re feeling “off.”
  • If you’re sick, STAY HOME AND DON’T SPREAD YOUR PLAGUE YOU SAVAGE! Luckily when whatever the Hell plague hit me, I was already at work. Staying up late at night puts stressors on your body, including your immune system, which is why doctors suggest rest when you’re sick. So being up all night will beat the piss out of me, but I don’t have to be around other people so I am somewhat contained, and I have alcoholic wipes that I will use to towel down everything before I leave. I will also leave some for the day shift guy, and suggest he do the same.

That’s it for me. I hope this posts.

#PrayForMojo #ScrewThatGorilla