The Fun Guy?


So it looks like I’m starting over.



When you have a couple dozen leveling misfit alts, several of which are the same class,  everybody tends to blur together. You know, like that one toon had that one thing that you thought was cool, but got lost in the shuffle after leveling another three characters of the same class. That old song and dance, knowwhatImean?

I happened to be bouncing between servers, looking for something on someone, when I came across a Death Knight that I had leveled to 100. For some reason, despite leveling a number of Death Knights, this particular one I associated with fun. He had a PVP tabard that I liked, and had repped up with a few MoP factions that got him close to unlocking some sweet mounts and such. He was fun to play.

Fun. I like fun.

That’s when the broken pieces of my thought process started churning like spaghetti in a blender. There were aspects of Legion that I enjoyed. Why not enjoy them once again on my Fun Guy. That’s like fun with a side order of fun! I mean, what’s the point of playing if you’re not having fun, right?

Step one was getting his professions sorted out. I started this process pre-7.2, and looking back I might not have made the changes I did. I dropped Blacksmithing and Enchanting, both capped at 700, and picked up Jewelcrafting and Skinning. I had some time and some spare change, so getting both to 700 did not take much effort at all.

The Skinning I did here:


The Jewelcrafting happened thusly:


The question, of course, is why those two professions?

Jewelcrafting has gold-making potential. From what I’ve read, reaching 800 skill level is no longer an expensive nightmare grind in the Patch 7.2 world. Granted, this is also going to cut down on potential profits. But since I also ground out the Cloud Serpent rep and got the recipes for all of the Jeweled Panther mounts, there’s still gold-potential to be had. Also, I haven’t done the Jewelcrafting questline yet so it’s a slightly new way to level. Anything is better than the usual grind.

Skinning? Yeah, on the surface it doesn’t seem like a very logical fit. Skinning and Jewelcrafting seems to go together like Peanut Butter and Sardines (don’t judge). But the draw from Skinning isn’t the skins. It’s the Blood of Sargeras. Skinning can pile up the most Blood if you happen to be leveling with the Blood enchant on your shoulders. More Bloods, more chance to make gold in one fashion or another.

My Death Knight was at Revered with the Shado-Pan. I probably won’t get flying for another few months, so I’ll take a few days to get Exalted and unlock their Big Cat mounts. I also hear a rumor that there’s also another flying mount that shows up at Exalted.

So much win! So much fun!

Next: My failed 300k gold investment.

Curse of the Blizzcon Host



I know what you’re thinking. Maybe I’m jumping the gun a little. Blizzcon 2017 was just announced a couple days ago. Tickets aren’t even on sale yet. Why would I even mention something as silly as the Saturday Blizzcon hosting gig?

Well, after last year’s fiasco, it probably wouldn’t hurt for Blizzard to start giving this a bit of early consideration. Assuming they haven’t already, of course. If they were smart, they would have started flipping through their rolladeck to see if there was anyone willing to return their calls before the body of Thomas Middleditch got cold after Blizzcon 2016.

You remember him, right? He’s the guy from the HBO TV show Silicon Valley that drew question marks when he stepped onstage at Blizzcon 2016. His schtick ticked all the boxes – he was a nerd, a gamer, a bit awkward. Someone that Blizzard fans were supposed to relate to. Unfortunately, his comedy routine fell flat, and the fans shat on him for it. I’m not going to say bullied, but he was ridden hard. He was smashed to the point that, not only did former host Jay Mohr tweet his support for Middleditch, but Thomas felt the need to defend himself on his Instagram.



The man knows a thing or two about being shit on by Blizzard fans.



So what’s the move then?  I had a couple of ideas in my post  that I made just after Blizzcon 2016, and I’ll just touch on them again here:

  • Blizzard seems to like having some kind of celebrity in that hosting spot. Why? Is it to attract more people to buy the stream? Fine, but stop getting comedians. Or at least comedians who don’t play any Blizzard games, or aren’t familiar with the product. Do you really need someone to make jokes at the contestants of the dance or cosplay contests? Do you need someone to do five minutes of stand-up to warm up the crowd before the contests? If ever there was a crowd that was already filled with HYPE, it’s a Blizzcon crowd. They don’t need a warm up act to set the mood. So if you just want someone with some mainstream celebrity status to slap on ads, there’s plenty of celebrities who have admitted that they play WoW – Warcraft’s own Rob Kazinsky, Man of Steel’s Henry Cavill, Fast and Furious’s Vin Diesel and former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey. And that’s just for starters.
  • Saturday’s hosting gig is mostly to cover competitions, so have a contest for the hosting gig! There is no shortage of people putting out video and audio content as it relates to Blizzard games – podcasts, Youtube channels, Twitch streams. Give them a chance to compete to star on the biggest stage a Blizzard content creator can appear on – CENTER STAGE AT BLIZZCON, BABY!

There are about 230 days before Blizzcon 2017. It probably wouldn’t hurt to start looking now. I doubt Blizz will find a former host actively willing to volunteer for the gig. Why not change things up this year?

Fingers crossed, I’ll be there to see it unfold LIVE.

Do you have a favorite host from a past Blizzcon? Who do you think would be a good host for Blizzcon 2017?

BlizzCon 2017 Announced

As per Wowhead:

The BlizzCon 2017 homepage and event info page has updated with this year’s convention dates: November 3rd and 4th.

  • Tickets are $199, limit four per household, and can be purchased through Universe.
  • Tickets go on sale 7pm Pacific on April 5th and 10 am Pacific on April 8th.
  • The benefit dinner tickets are $750 and go on sale 7pm Pacific on April 12th.
  • Ticket information can be edited through July 14th via your Universe account.
  • Badge pickup and the Blizzard Shop once again start a day early, 9 am on November 2nd.


Earn Gold Fast in Patch 7.1.5

Whether you’re talking about profession mounts, recouping raiding losses, or buying a piece of cute transmog gear, the reality is that shit isn’t cheap in World of Warcraft.

There is zero shortage of ways to make gold in World of Warcraft. Put in the time, #DOWERK, and reap the rewards. Works in RL, works in game. But sometimes your schedule won’t allow for a one, two, five, ten hour grinding session for farming, or to knock out the profession quests that keep gold making potential locked away.

So here’s a couple of quick ways to put some scratch in your pocket that doesn’t involve a bunch of farming. You don’t even need professions. Hell, you don’t even need to leave Dalaran. Doesn’t get much easier than that, does it?

  • The Blood of Sargeras Flip – BoS is BoP (Bind on Pickup). Take your BoS, buy stacks of high priced mats from the BoS Vendor by the Blacksmith Shop in Dalaran, and sell them on the AH. Don’t have any Bloods? Advertise in Trade Chat or General Chat that you’re buying blood for 150-200g. Get person to buy multiple stacks of the most expensive item (herb, ore), and hand over the gold when they hand over the mats.
  •  Obliterum Flip – Obliterate things like the enchanting bindings “Binding of XXXX”, Legion Alchemy Stones, or Potions if they’re cheap enough (you’ll need about 164 of the Healing Pots to make one Obliterum). Naturally you should check prices before you start flipping, and buy the thing you’re obliterating for cheaper than the Obliterum is selling for.
  • Use Other People’s Professions –Advertise that you’re looking for someone to make the things you’re going to sell. Provide the raw gathering mats (ex Felslate and Leystone ore to make Demonsteel Bars), add a tip (100g?) and come out gold plus from the deal.

There you are. Three easy ways to make some fairly substantial gold. Leave a comment below if you have any quick gold tip, or if you use these ones and make a nice slice of gold.


Looking Back and Moving Forward

Serious face is serious.

Today is my birthday. Happy Birthday to me.

I will occasionally allow myself to reflect on the past when it comes to my birthday. Another year older, and maybe another year wiser? Maybe? This year I’m looking back on things and I have to question that. Specifically as it pertains to this blog.

My very first blog post was on October 22, 2008. You can see it here, but I’ll save you the click. That post consists of two short sentences. “This is a test. I’ll delete it later.”

I’ve followed that post with almost six hundred and fifty other one, with topics ranging from my thoughts on classes and class changes, my personal journal entries, some gameplay tips, and even suggestions for making gold. The focus of the blog has changed a few times. So has the name.

Sometimes I’ve taken my blog seriously. Other times, I just didn’t care as much as I should have. There’s dead links, and links to sites that might not even exist anymore. I put them there for myself as much as for anyone who might come to the blog. Truth be told, I probably haven’t clicked on any of the links on my own site in years. If I’m not doing it, why would I expect anyone else to?

The same goes for the blog in general. If I don’t take it seriously, why should anyone else?

I’ve always said that it’s important to know your “why”. Why do you play World of Warcraft, or any game for that matter? What’s the hook? What draws you in, or compels you to play?

The same goes for blogging, or writing. My goal for this piece of digital real estate has been twofold. One, I’ve got a shitty memory and I like to write down my experiences in the game. Two, I have this desire to know stuff. That stuff might be making gold, or playing the game better. I’ll spend the time trying to find out how to be better and due to Reason the One, I’ll write down what I find. Not just for me, but for others who might be looking for the same information that I’d found. That’s why I smartened up and put tabs in the menu bar at the top of the page for things like Gold. To make it easier to help others as well as myself.

If I could go through the cross section of WoW players and pick out who my blog would be geared toward, I’d say Casuals. I hate that label, because it doesn’t accurately reflect the people I’m going after. WoW is a big open game. People can play however they want. The people I put my focus on are the ones who might not have tens of hours a day to play but still want to contribute in some way. They still want to feel like they’re getting their money’s worth out of their subscription, without being a drain on the player base. If I’m offering help, it’s guidance in making the most of their time and getting better in some way.

I’ll give you an example. If you go over to the search box and type in “Gnomesequencer”, you’ll find a few posts describing an addon that configures macros in such a way that you can play just about any class by spamming a couple of buttons. Many people found that addon controversial because it seemed to take the skill level out of playing any given class. I showed how powerful it was by taking a class that I had never played before and leveled it from 1-100 (which was level cap at the time). I then took it into LFR, which was my first raiding experience in WoW, and held my own on the DPS charts.

That was the idea of the addon. That was what I loved about it. It wasn’t going to help you put up bleeding edge numbers. But it could take a shitty player and make them passable. Decent. People said that using the addon was cheating. But here’s what I say. First, it doesn’t violate the EULA so it’s not cheating. Second, if I was running dungeons or raids with someone who was always performing poorly, I’d rather them use Gnomesequencer and not know their rotation rock solid. Of course it would great if they knew their stuff, but if they’re struggling I’d rather them use the crutch. Let them build their confidence by knowing they’re not going to get kicked for sucking.

Gold-making tips was another of my favorite things to post. It blew my mind how people would constantly complain that they couldn’t make gold. Everyone can make gold. There’s just some ways that are more profitable than others. Most people won’t make fifty thousand gold a week with a limited time schedule, but they can absolutely make enough gold a month to pay for a WoW Token. On US realms at least.

Here’s the thing. Tomorrow I will be getting on a plane and unplugging from the World for a week. No news, no internet. Just time to relax, think, and plan.

I’m ending this post with a screenshot of Rukgut. I was playing him back in 2008, and I’m leveling him now. No matter what other class I prefer or use, Rukgut is the OG.

Ah, memories.